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In this series, we look at the qualities of education which are critical to our students receiving all they should – across any industry and from any level of education. Our Team is absolutely committed to quality in education, not for ourselves but because we know that everyone, in every industry and at every level of study, deserves to receive quality education that truly prepares them for what is next for them in life.

So what does this look like? In this series, we look at a number of areas which are fundamental to quality in education.

In this article, we look at professionalism and a willingness to work and serve.

Students should emerge from their time undertaking a course, with a strong understanding of the meaning of professionalism – not as a latest buzz word term but as something demonstrated through the conduct of the college and its teaching.

At the end of their course, students should be job-ready. But being job-ready does not just refer to ticking a box of competence – “Yes, they can perform the task”. To us, being job-ready is through students having trained in a manner that:

  • develops their confidence

  • supports them to grow as people

  • challenges and develops their skills and knowledge of their chosen field

  • gives them real experience and understanding of what professionalism actually means and looks like in action

  • values and develops a willingness to bring their all to the job they take on, and

  • is based on the knowing that the level of professionalism and integrity that a graduate brings, is everything – as graduates provide a service to others, who deserve to receive quality and nothing but quality from the graduate when they commence work in their field. In addition, of course, the graduate gets to experience the joy of a business that markets itself through word of mouth that spreads and spreads based on the quality clients receive.

Students who are educated with quality, and by a college truly committed to them as people, become a true asset to their employer – filling the gap many employers currently see, across all industries at present, in a lack of commitment and lack of professionalism.

Our Team sets the bar very high, in terms of the way we teach and hold our students throughout their experience with us. Our students are an extraordinary group – they come to us because they know the standard education should be delivered at, and they want this. They step right into representing it. Our job is to support and develop them throughout so they are truly prepared to become the valued and truly value-adding workers in the industry of tomorrow. We deeply appreciate our students.

In Part 2 of this series, we look at the importance of service, and what this looks like.

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