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About us 

Equinim College is a specialist Australian college for international students. Equinim College offers international students the ability to study a range of Government accredited courses in Australia including information technology, business, massage and counselling. Study in Australia and enjoy the unique experience of Equinim College learning and care.

Equinim College is run by a team of education experts who have been in the field of education since 1999. The Equinim Team started Equinim College in order to deliver quality education to both domestic and international students. Equinim College is committed to the highest quality delivery across all of its courses. We offer courses in Information Technology, Remedial Massage, Counselling, and Business. We operate campuses Australia-wide, and offer on-campus international education at 3 superb venues. (Check out our Courses page for details.) We write all of our own curriculum material. There is no tick-box, minimum standards approach with Equinim College. With every engagement, and everything we do, you get our all. Equinim College brings to international education the care, educational precision, and simplicity that all students deserve. 


Our Team is a leader in Vocational Education, and we look forward to sharing this with you.


Contact us for more details, or check our Courses page to learn more about our offering.

Experience the Equinim College difference. Everything about our College is hand-picked to ensure quality for our students. Our outstanding venues are unprecedented, and provide fun, spacious and superb places to learn - a place students really want to go to!



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